Planar Temple

Takin' out the trash (at night!)

We took a long rest and found the plains piece

Then we go to the jungle. Farfizz asks the plants where the piece is, we go there and there’s fire salamanders, Hekrath punts one of them. They broth grow and attack. Zoya throws water on one of them with her jug. Hekrath has a bad time and goes unconscious. But we make it through kill the dudes!

We find the shard and take a short rest, then go to the swamp. Farfizz goes croc mode. The rune thing is under some huts, which Torment wants to burn. Zoya tries to sneak in and get the thing (she has the fastest hands, like you wouldn’t believe! Nobody has faster hands than her. Everybody says so), but messes up and smashes some huts and some ladies come out and Zoya grabs the thing and runs away with Hekrath and Deisa. Torment talks in primordial with the ladies and learn that they have been transported from the material plane to this place.

We all come back and Zoya apologizes, and tells them about the crystals. Zoya tries to persuade them to help us with booze. She challenges her to a drinking contest for her full cooperation or Torment’s soul. Tyler is no longer croc. Everyone tries offering things for their help while Hekrath blows swamp bubbles. Diesa agrees to brew some beer with them. Zoya, and Hekrath get drunk. Diesa gets 2 potions of heroism from them.

Go to tundra, Zoya finds the shard, grabs it and attaches it. Half a star!

Head to forest. Diesa and I find the shard, she casts a spell and spooks some creepin’ glowing eyes, we move on to the desert.

Torment finds the shard and fizz leads us out to the mountains.

Zoya sticks her Fast Hands TM in the little cave to get the crystal, stalactite and stalagmites attack her hand with tentacle mouths. One grabs her hand. She grabs the shard and throws it. Hekrath goes to get it, Deesa and Farfizz grab Zoya. Diesa hulks out and rips Zoya free and knocks Farfizz flying. We all make it away!

Move on to the arctic. Spot the glyph in the distance. Farfizz is a polar bear. Zoya grabs the crystal. We run out and now we have all the shards for this shape! Back to the plains with all the shards attached.

Take long rest.

Polar bear Fizz swims across with the crystals while everyone is arguing about the best way to get across. He gets bit as he climbs out. He jams the thing it in place with his bear hands (ha! Get it?). Globe spins and the moon falls and is replaced by a fieryer, brighter, bigger sun. plants grow, everything’s bright and lively. Animals make all sorts of sounds. Octogon is left. Polar bear swims back.

Water forms a vortex and water spouts out. Polar bear books it out as a water elemental tries to attack but bear escapes. We are all in the plains now.

Farfizz has a revelation- real world, evil world, amped up world. Material world, shadow wild, fey wild. Whoa dude.



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